Ukrainian troops need your help.


When Russia invaded Ukraine, my cousin Angelika (featured in the video above) decided to stay behind with her boyfriend, who is now serving in Ukrainian Local Defense Forces. Angelika has been volunteering her time doing anything she can to help. She’s been organizing other volunteers, evacuation for women and children who are living under constant threat of terror, delivering food to elders stuck in their apartments, and more. Like Angelika and her boyfriend, many Ukrainian citizens—of different ethnicities—have stepped up to defend their country and people. They are someone’s husbands, wives, children, and cherished friends. Together, they have put their lives on the line to defend against the Russian aggression and fight for their country's freedom and sovereignty.

Despite the outpouring of support from a number of individuals and countries alike, Ukrainian troops are still struggling to secure funds to purchase critical items such as defensive gear (body armor, helmets, knee and elbow pads), thermal imaging equipment, ballistic plates, supplies, humanitarian aid, and medicine—including first aid kits. These are essential to give Ukrainians a fighting chance to defend their country and push back against Russian military aggressors—and end this terrible war.


Through this fundraiser, we are planning on acquiring as many of these items as possible to go to a specific military base.  


On February 24th, the lives of an entire nation were shattered when Russian forces invaded Ukraine and begun a war. Homes and landmarks alike destroyed, millions of refugees, civilians murdered and injured, even children—this has been a catastrophe of epic proportions.

This is a life and death situation, and Ukrainian troops urgently need your help. Anything raised here will be transferred directly to Angelika so that it can be used on the ground.

Ukrainian soldiers want to be able to go home and hug their family. They want to rebuild. They want their people’s freedom back. They want their country back. And they want this war to end. Because every day this goes on is a day too long.

Thank you,
Katherine Brodsky


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